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High in the Himalayas, soaking up the clear air after a challenging hike.

IMG 6581.jpg

Komodo’s laziest resident dragon

Komodo 002.jpg

The amazing Sea Lion Island in the Falkland Islands


Beach resort on the Gold Coast, Ghana

IMG 4841.JPG

Enjoying a glass of wine or two in Malta


Ethiopia, where we spent Xmas and New Year 2013/14. Unlimited sunshine and plenty to see. Check out the detail by following the links.


Here we are in Hiroshima. You can see the ruins in the background, preserved from the day the bomb fell.


Here we are in Sydney. The classic place where you can get the harbour bridge and the opera house in the same shot.

A122 Australia Sydney Harbour Bridge.(1)

Here we are in Thailand. This bar was on Koh Chang.

A031 Koh Chang Tree House

Here we are in Venezuela. Cracking a beer on Lake Maracaiba.

A090 Maracaiba Making Science with Morphos

Take a look at some funny signs

Take a look at some people

Take at look at Billy our travel companion

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