Even though it's a 3+ hour flight from the UK it doesn't seem like this as you are only 10 minutes from town when you land. The main square is full of acrobats, snake charmers, monkey men etc all trying to get your dirhams, but at about 5pm the square transforms into a heaving mass of food stalls. Spectacular. Not too many places to get a drink though apart from a few restaurants and hotels. The only place we found had such slow service that we would have walked out if it hadn't been the ......... The streets and lanes are so narrow that we had to explore a bit at a time continually returning to bits we recognised until the mind map was loaded. Our hotel door...


This is the main sight to see in Marrakech and is just off to the side of the main square. It was designed (built?) by the guy who did the one in Seville. It is an active mosque and runs a flag up as well at prayer time so the deaf can pray. There wasn't exactly a rush to the mosque at prayer time, most seemingly happy just to stand still for about 10 seconds. 


The old royal palace is a 20 minute walk south of the main square and is well worth a visit. There are dozens of white storks nesting on the walls enjoying their protected status.


Renowned for its dyeing of materials these were on the roof for drying in the souk.


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