Jonna had been to Israel before, but this was my first visit. Really enjoyed Eilat, where we spent most of the holiday snorkeling, eating and drinking. I got stung by a jellyfish here. Great bird-watching as its on a key migration route. The coral park is a good place to spend the day with some very good snorkeling. (we saw blue-spotted rays, black & white morays eels, lionfish and loads more). Don't pick anything up though, the wardens have guns and are very protective. Our trip coincided with the 'dry day' to celebrate the Day of the (war) Dead. We found one bar that served beer in cardboard Pepsi cups and turned the lights off when the police drove by. It was the drunkest we ever saw any Israeli!!. 


Jonna swimming with the fishes! Shortly after this photo Jonna broke the world record for the 100m front-crawl when we swam into a massive group of jellyfish. 


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