Another country tick brought us to Kiev for a few days. The primary goal was to visit Chernobyl to see the results of the nuclear reactor disaster which is easily achievable on a very popular day trip. Kiev itself has some grand architecture and plenty of war memorials. 

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After an early start the coach makes its way to the area and after passing through a number of checkpoints for checks you eventually arrive in the central zone. Stops are made at various abandoned villages where the level of decay can be seen as nature retakes control. The main town of Pripyat is the area everybody recognises and we spent time wandering around the funfair, nuclear centre, and sports facilities (all abandoned) before heading the staff canteen for lunch. The area has reinvented itself as a nuclear waste management centre so there are actually around 5000 people who work there. 

The first stop was an abanodoned village. Gradually decaying, it was still clear to see how quick the evacuation had been. Belongings, furniture and toys lay everywhere.

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Checkout this soviet style lunch. You can take the tour without having th lunch. Are you mad?. This was an essential part of the day.

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Inside a children’s nursery school.

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The fairground in Propyat was actually due to open around the time of the accident so may infact have never seen a paying customer. 

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Not to miss the tourist opportunity the gift shop on the way out (nice radioactive badge since you’re asking) coffee was available in these fetching cups.

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