Bucharest on a snowy, cold business trip in 2012. It was -16.5 degrees C in the evening as we walked to the restaurant on a small tour of some of the sites. Big squares, some old style domed Romanian architecture and the massive Ceausescu parliament building. Also had a nice meal in a fancy restaurant with traditional folk dancing. 



A return visit in May promised better weather and so it proved with temperatures in the high twenties. This time I got to explore the old town area of Bucharest which has been pedestrianised and is full of bars and restaurants. 

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After business was over I caught the overnight train to Sofia. Bucharest station is like stations the world over; exciting, cold, confusing and full of undesirables. 

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The train journey was uncomfortable and interupted by passport control at the border and numerous ticket checks (often by the same person!!!), but once the sun had risen the scenery was beautiful.

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We arrived in Bucharest by bus from Sozopol for a few days stay. Having been here before I was immediately appointed as tour guide. The magnificant white elephant of Ceausescu’s Palace is well worth a look. Our trip coincided with some very hot weather and we were lucky enough to locate an outdoor swimming pool that you could pay your way into. 

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Our walking trip was further north and we were picked up and transported to Brasov. We received maps and guidance for our walks with a variety of taxis, buses and trains to move us around. Some sightseeing was also on offer and Bran Castle was high on the list, Dracula and all that.

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The scenery was absolutely stunning, this was just one example, and we largely had the place to ourselves. Each day’s walking was different and ranged from forests, mountains to fields. 

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One walk was also on the mountain plains. We started with a cable car ride up to the ski station and then set off following the track a fair few miles to another ski station where we were able to walk down to get the train back to the hotel. We enjoyed a wide range of accommodation and delicious food. Would happily  recommend a walking holiday in Transylvania.

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Our departure from Bucharest was on the overnight sleeper train to Moldova. We paid for the lush 2 person cabin and it was worth it, even though you had to make your own beds. There was unfortunately no food service so the James Bond experience was limited, but we packed booze and some tasty treats. Excellent fun.

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