A very pleasant week spent at the Foca Club Med in Turkey with my kids. Plenty of good snorkeling in crystal clear waters under blue skies. Tried my hand at Windsurfing but don't think I'll make the Olympics. Et aussi, une GO qui etait tres savoureuse. Youngest son happened to point out to Jonna that the only time I looked in on the nightly show was when the GO's were doing their Britney Spears school uniform number. 

A typical conversation for Jonna & me 

Jonna: Can you get me an Ouzo? 

Paul: Are you sure they call it that here? 

Jonna: Yeah Of Course! 

Paul: Could I have an Ouzo and water please barman? 

Barman: A lesser man would have you killed for that. We call it Raki....

Jonna and I returned to Turkey in 2004 and spent 2 weeks in Kas, diving and kayaking around the stunning coast here. Lots of Brits live here, taking advantage of the cheap property. It was about £30k for a 2-bed penthouse flat. Worth a thought. 

Wildlife in its natural habitat. Give a man a beer and he'll never trouble you.

Turkey 3

Rob & Andy. Stand Still!. The only time they dressed up on the holiday. In fact we only saw them for a couple of hours each day.

Snorkeling. The staff on board also collected sea urchins for that nights 'festival of the urchin' - yummy. So fresh that they kept trying to crawl off the plate.

Turkey 2

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