Again Jonna had been before (to Cairo and the pyramids), but we hopped over the border from Eilat to see St. Katherine's monastery, and take bread and tea with the Bedouin. Bought some nice sea urchin fossils. Monty Python must have got to St Katherine's before us. The conversation went like this

Guide. This is the most famous Burning Bush mentioned in the Bible. No one knows what it is.

Surrey Tourist. It's a wild raspberry

Guide. Botanists from all over the world have studied this plant to try and find out what it is, and failed

Surrey Tourist. It's a wild raspberry, it is

Guide. No one has ever been able to propagate it anywhere else in the world

Surrey Tourist. You let me have it, for a while….

Long drive to get to the monastery, but a real oasis. There is a large collection of ex-monks skulls here. Cool! (I think its called an ossuary)


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