A very difficult country to get to from South America. A long trek to Belem in North East Brazil got us to a Suriname Airways flight to Georgetown. A local operator had put together our itinerary and we started with a quick city tour of Georgetown before a flight to Kaiteur Falls. Georgetown is architecturally interesting with many large wooden buildings, including the largest in the world - the Cathedral, apparently. You need to fly everywhere here so we spent a lot of time in Cessna Caravans whizzing around.


The main reason to come to Guyana is for the wildlife, and we moved onto a lodge inland which had plains, forest and water to attract a good selection of animals and birds. The main highlight was excellent views of a jaguar, usually very difficult to track down here, Giant Otters and a Giant Anteater. Snakes and birds provided a backdrop.

Not a great picture but this is a Jaguar…….


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