1979 onwards

I have been to Ireland most years since 1979, either fishing, on holiday, on work and latterly to visit Jonna's brother and wife who live there. The first time there I was fishing with a couple of mates and we made our way there from Chesham in Buckinghamshire, via underground, over-ground train, ferry, train, coach, taxi & foot. We camped in a field right by Loch Putiaghan and were well looked after by the farmer and his missus. She baked us a lovely cake which we had eaten half of, when a cow broke into our food tent and ate the rest. See the fishing section for some of the pictures. 

Jonna and I were in Dublin when Princess Diana died. We went into town during the day for a drop of the black stuff and overheard the following from one barman to another. "They say the car was doing one hundred and fifty miles an hour".

A further trip in 07 saw us venture up to Clogherhead for a bit of seaside action. Not a stroke of sun for two days, but some nice birdwatching out in the ocean.

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