San Marino

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After my night in Ventimiglia I took 2 trains via Milan to Rimini which is about the only place to get to San Marino using public transport. A handy bus heads there quite frequently from the railway station. I wasn’t in Rimini long enought to worry about location so stayed opposite the railway station and only ventured out briefly for some food!. I was out of the hotel early enough to look around the great food market before boarding the 08.10 bus.   

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San Marino is centred around a fantastic fortress mountain rising to 768m asl, furnished with high walls, defence towers and arrow slits. The historic centre is easily walked around in a few hours. Apart from the great buildings there are a huge number of retail opportunities selling everything from smart clothes, furs, occult objects and a staggering array of BB guns and crossbows!!!!.

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The low clouds provided some evocative photo ops.

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I caught the bus back to Rimini, boarded a train back to Bologna and flew back to the UK. All in all a successful trip that added countries 92 and 93 to my list. Now, eyeing up the next 7….

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