Ghana, West Africa, was part of a 3 country visit in early 2015 to this little visited part of the world (Togo and Benin made up the threesome). Accra is a modern capital and a good place to enter this part of Africa. The Jonestown area of Accra near the sea is a traditional port area with hundreds of fishing boats and assorted ruffians. It is a tough area and produces excellent footballers and boxers. 

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Equally famous in Ghana are the Wa people who make elaborate coffins to reflect your life. They will make anything for you and some of the creations are stunning. Here you can see a guitar, a camera, and a tiger. People from all over the world order these and we saw a seahorse being completed that had been ordered by a Florida aquirium owner. A picture of this is on the link below.

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After the south coast of Ghana we entered Togo and Benin before returning to Ghana in the north to see the Ashanti culture and visit Africa’s biggest market in Kumasi. A new first for a holiday was attending a traditional funeral with everyone dressed in Red, Black or White. and plenty of dancing and drinking.  

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A final treat was a meeting with a traditional Ashanti Chief dressed in all his finery.

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